Teachers 9 to 12

Welcome to the Learn Money Sense Curriculum! We have designed this learning system to be easily navigated with components that Teachers and Students can quickly access. The curriculum contains 13 financially relevant topics that are organized to engage students to learn about the different stages of life along with the corresponding money issues they may confront.

Keep in mind that existing training topics, lessons and videos can be adapted based on specific needs, target ages, financial skill level and goals of your students.  The videos are designed to be the “starting point” of the lessons and can be stopped and started as you supplement the contents of the video with the lessons and activities in the Teacher’s Guide. To access the component you want to access, click the link below.

Curriculum Map:

Curriculum overview with the Topic, Curriculum Reference to Teacher’s Guide, Essential Points, Content Points, and Conclusions. You can find it here.

Teacher’s Guide:

Overview of the topics and alignment to standards, lesson plans, master copies of student activities, assessments, and links to additional resources and YouTube videos. You can find it here.

Power Point Presentations

Power points which coincide with the various topics in the LMS curriculum. You can find them here.

Life Stages Project

Head here for real life case-scenarios over time for various life stages.

The components of this comprehensive financial literacy/capability curriculum include the following:

  • Curriculum Map with aligned topics and videos
  • Videos for each topic
  • Table of Contents that directly links to the videos
  • Teacher’s Guide
  • Student’s Guide

Get Started!