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For Teachers

LMS_IconsHave you been looking for new and innovative ways to teach personal finance? With Learn Money Sense, you can bring a learning system to the classroom that will provide your students with practical, relatable financial tools. Through videos and real world examples, Learn Money Sense makes learning about personal finance an engaging and fun experience. Furthermore, by incorporating student interaction into the lesson plans, students will think about their own financial situation while learning about new ways to address financial challenges and meet personal goals. Students will enjoy learning the fundamentals of mapping out their financial futures while becoming prepared to create financial adjustments as unexpected events occur in their lives.

For Students

LMS_Icons2Do you ever find yourself wishing you knew more about how to handle your money in the real world? Do you have questions about where your money will come from once you are out of school? With Learn Money Sense, you can learn to manage your money in real-life situations. Learn Money Sense will give you examples and guidance that can help you along your financial journey. Money plays an integral part in our lives, and there are consequences for every decision made in life. This includes your financial choices. As you go through Learn Money Sense, you will learn how to make “smart” money choices and how to manage your money effectively.

About Learn Money Sense

Learn Money Sense is a comprehensive financial literacy and capability curriculum. It is designed to help students make choices about their futures while learning how to save, budget and manage their money in order to achieve both short and long-term goals. As they advance through Learn Money Sense, students will follow their helpful guides, David and Andrea, as they progress through their lives receiving financial guidance along the way. From creating a budget in high school to accounting for deductions and taxes in a paycheck, Learn Money Sense can provide students with real world scenarios needed to learn how to effectively and responsibly manage their personal finances. We welcome you to learn more about how Learn Money Sense can teach students to become financially literate and capable adults, and contribute positively to the local, state and national economies.